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Together with our partners.
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Trees for climate justice!

Why with us?

Because we want to make the world a better place. Through our job it's often necessary to travel long distances by car or even by plane. Hence, we at Fraem see it as our responsibility to improve our ecological footprint. For this reason, we brought our "Green Filmmaking" initiative to life. Together with our partner Plant for the Planet we are able to plant trees all over the world very easily.

How does our Green Filmmaking initiative work?

We promise to invest 1% of net sales from 2021 in the planting of trees through our partner Plant for the Planet. And that with every production. An example: You are producing a promotional video with us. Its costs amount to €1.000,- excluding VAT. 1% of this net amount is €10,-, which our partner Plant for the Planet benefits directly and thus 10 trees can be planted quickly and easily. (€1,- equals 1 tree in Yucatán, Mexico, as of 2021 according to Plant for the Planet)

We go even further!

In addition to planting trees we also donate an annual amount of €500,-. This money will be used to support the Plant for the Planet Academy and its projects. As a result children and young people around the world are trained to become ambassadors for climate justice in order to continue to strengthen a healthy awareness of climate change and to actively communicate it to the outside world.

Green electricity from sustainable sources for our equipment.

Why we are a customer of Ökostrom!

A lot of technology also requires a lot of electricity. Then why not just use electricity from renewable energies? Our day-to-day work is generally accompanied by some equipment. Be it the laptop for answering e-mails, the speakers in the post-production studio for sound design or the camera batteries for a successful shoot. The fact is: everything needs electricity.

The great thing about Ökostrom is that it provides 100% green electricity from sustainable sources. These include sun, water, wind and biomass. "As a leading green electricity supplier, we get this electricity from more than 1,500 wind turbines, small hydropower plants, photovoltaic and biogas plants." so it says on the official website of Ökostrom. Through this, we are able to supply equipment with climate-friendly and sustainable energy. Good for the environment. Good for all of us.

It's the little things...

Public transportation

We always try to use public transport to get to the filming locations when we have the opportunity. This works particularly well with smaller productions because we can work with light equipment.


Of course, it is sometimes not possible for us to use public transportation, because of the required heavy equipment or the too remote shooting location. Nevertheless, in these cases, we make sure that the journey is as emission-efficient as possible. For example, we use car pools or in the future even electric vehicles.

Waste separation

In our office and on the set we pay attention to careful waste separation as much as possible.

Low paper consumption

From the invoice to the project planning. At Fraem almost every document is digital. This means that we also save resources when it comes to paper.

Glass & stainless steel bottles

We all use our glass and stainless steel bottles in everyday life to quench our thirst and generally avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.

Green workspace

Plants not only provide fresher air but also a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. That's why there is something green in every corner of our office.

Role model & responsibility

We are of the opinion that each of us, but above all especially companies, have a certain responsibility when it comes to climate protection. It is therefore important for us to set a good example and to continuously optimize our Green Filmmaking initiative.

We are climate neutral!

What does it even mean to be climate neutral as a company?

We are well aware that the term "climate neutrality" must be viewed very strictly. Because real climate neutrality is almost impossible for companies to achieve. Unfortunately, a certain amount of remaining CO₂ emissions cannot be avoided these days. Conversely, this means for companies that the CO₂ balance of all areas should be kept as low as possible in order to only have to compensate for the remaining unavoidable emissions. And we stick to that through our Green Filmmaking initiative.

Transparency is essential.

After consultation with several climate and environmental protection experts, we were repeatedly advised to be as transparent as possible. Because transparency is essential when it comes to climate neutrality in order to clearly show how high a company’s actual CO₂ emissions are. As a result, "green washing" can be avoided on the one hand and a good role model role can be lived on the other.

Our CO₂ emissions in 2021

The disclosure of our CO₂ emissions is important to us, as this is the only way we can be really transparent with regard to our climate neutrality. In 2021 we emitted a total of 4.38 tons of CO₂. Of this, 3.97 tons are accounted for transport and 0.41 tons for energy and heating.

Our CO₂ emissions in 2022

In 2022 we emitted a total of 6.9 tons of CO₂. The area of transport accounted for the majority and amounts to 6.3 tons of CO₂. The remaining 0.6 tons include company related emissions such as energy and heating requirements. Thanks to our Green Filmmaking initiative, we were able to plant a total of 1841 trees in 2022 and thus compensate around 18.4 tons of CO₂.

reduction > compensation

It remains clear that the best way is still to reduce CO₂ and not to compensate it. So we will always try to keep our consumption as low as possible in order to compensate for the unavoidable CO₂ by planting trees and other climate projects.

The goal is "net zero"

The declared goal is therefore "Net Zero". The WWF has published a good article including a pdf file on their website. Basically, it is about thinking long-term and reducing the CO₂ emissions of your own company to an absolute minimum. So a climate strategy is needed to really do business sustainably, and that is exactly what we will keep on working on.


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