Planting trees together.
For a brighter future.
That's our promise.




Trees for climate justice!

Why with us?

Because we want to make the world a better place. Through our job it's often necessary to travel long distances by car or even by plane. Hence, we at Fraem see it as our responsibility to improve our ecological footprint. For this reason, we brought our "Green Filmmaking" initiative to life. Together with our partner Plant for the Planet we are able to plant trees all over the world very easily.

How does it work?

Starting in 2021, we promise to invest 1% of our net income in planting trees through our partner Plant for the Planet with every single production. For example: you are hiring us to produce a commercial for you. The net costs of this video come to €1.000,-. One percent of this amount equals €10,- which we directly transfer to our partner Plant for the Planet so they are able to plant 10 trees. (€1,- = 1 tree, according to Plant for the Planet in 2020)

We go even further!

In addition to planting trees we also donate an annual amount of €500,-. This money will be used to support the Plant for the Planet Academy and its projects. As a result children and young people around the world are trained to become ambassadors for climate justice in order to continue to strengthen a healthy awareness of climate change and to actively communicate it to the outside world.


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