Meet the team!

Productive. Flexible. Funny. Relaxed. Authentic. This is how we are often described by our customers and business partners. However, if we have not yet met, we would be happy to give you a brief and personal insight into us.

Elias Erber Videoproduktion Wien Fraem

Elias Erber, MSc

Content Creation & Project Management

“I'm quick to get excited about new things, I love my job and watermelon. Besides, there is no better time for me than summer. If I can improve my surfing skills at the same time, I'll be happy."

Fabian Eder Videoproduktion Wien Fraem

Fabian Eder, MSc

Content Creation & Social Media Management

“Filmmaking, sport and coffee are the center of my life. I can tell you almost all of Fifa's player statistics by heart. My hobbies: jumping in the stadium, communicating with my cat Emily, demonstrating for more climate protection."

Jan Stergerits Videoproduktion Wien Fraem

Jan Stergerits, BSc

Content Creation & equipment

“Besides video production, music is my greatest passion. I'm a drummer in a band, but I also like to write songs myself for my solo projects in which I play guitar and sing or rap."

Maximilian Pruckner Videoproduktion Wien Fraem

Maximilian Pruckner, BSc

Content Creation & Finances

“Sport and mountains are my passion. When I am not available in my spare time, I am either mountain biking, skiing, stand-up paddling, playing disc golf, or trying something new."


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