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Your ENG camera team in Austria.

Professional ENG production throughout Austria with a focus on the greater area of Vienna, Linz, Graz and Salzburg.

We offer you a comprehensive electronic reporting in a pleasant atmosphere. Whether you want to produce a TV report or need beauty shots for your edit - our flexible ENG camera team knows how.

Thanks to our professional equipment we understand how to record both sound and image in accordance with the industry standards for television and advertising. We accompany your shoot as a classic ENG team consisting of a cameraman and a sound engineer. Of course, if required, we can also offer you solutions for lighting and editorial tasks.

Our area of ​​activity applies to the whole of Austria, in particular Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Burgenland. Of course we are also happy to realize international ENG productions for you. 

Our ENG camera team

friendly & reliable

Our partners are always happy about our uncomplicated and relaxed way of working. For us it is important to implement projects reliably, with quality, seriously but also with joy. As a well-established ENG team we are used to being creative and precise. So we know how to deliver beautiful imagery and also to build a technically flawless set. Our customers particularly value the long-term, efficient and reliable cooperation with us. Therefore we are glad that companies like Go! Das Motormagazin or P3TV are among our satisfied customers and partners.

Freundliches EB Kamerateam am Set bei einer EB Produktion in Wien

Our Equipment

versatile & coordinated


With our camera family, consisting of Sony FS7, Sony FS5, Sony Alpha 7iii, we ensure the best quality for your video. We are also equipped with an external Shogun Inferno video recorder. Our technical equipment enables us to record 4K even at a high frame rate in the REC709 color space.


“Sound over image” is not only a golden rule in the film sector but also plays an important role in ENG productions. That is why we are well equipped, from the practical lavalier clip-on microphone to the windproof directional mic on the boom. Recorded and mixed in advance on our multi-track field recorder Zoom F8n.


As soon as the shoot has been successfully completed, we go over to post-production. In our pleasant and computationally strong studio, we can immerse ourselves in any project. All the magic happens here! From editing to color correction, sound design and animation, we give your video the finishing touches.

3 point lighting

When it comes to a professional look, light is crucial. Through our flexible LED lights, we offer you a modern and meaningful lighting on set.

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